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Pannon Tokaj Winery

Pannon Tokaj Kft. founded its holdings in 2000. The wholly Hungarian-owned family winery started as a small hobby estate. Thanks to the maximalism and dedication of the owner, the vineyard area swelled to today's 22 hectares, which already produces a commercial amount of wine.

Our plantations are between 5 and 30 years old, 2/3 of which are new, modern plantations of 5,200 capital/ha.

In 1/3 of the area, we carried out plantation renovation.

As the areas grew, we also gradually improved the winemaking technology. The processing plant, created in a greenfield investment in the center of Tolcsva, meets the most modern technical requirements of the time. Today, it can be said that all conditions have been met for the birth of Tokaj's great wine. We grow the three most important grape varieties in Tokaj. Of this, Furmint production areas represent more than 30 percent, and Hárslevelű and the newly planted Sárgamuskotály represent approximately 30 percent each. We planted the Zéta grape variety on 10% of the area. These plantations are located in the most famous vineyards of Tolcsva (Kincsem, Rány, Budaházi) and in the border of Sárazsadány.

Our long-term plans include increasing the vineyard area to 40-50 ha and the continuous modernization of the existing areas. The Tolcsva winery is managed by Attila Krimin, Estate Director and Master Winemaker, and our vintner is also a highly qualified specialist. The other colleagues joined the team at least as winemaking specialists.

Permanent staff in Tolcsva: 8 people.

The managing director (László Nyári) with a degree in foreign trade economics manages the company from the headquarters in Budapest, where foreign and domestic sales, accounting and company management are located.

According to the Tokaj wine law, aszú wines must be matured for 3 years and proactively stocked - mainly those that maintain and increase their value. Efforts to increase market turnover can only be realized with prior stockpiling.

A suitable basis for this is approx. a quarter of a million bottles in stock, of which both European and nicely developing ones We can provide a reassuring background for export traffic in the Far East.